What are Real World Driving Emissions (RDE)?

The Real World Driving Emissions (RDE) test measures pollutants, such as NOx emitted by cars while driven on the road. RDE will not replace laboratory tests, such as the current New European Driving Cycle and the future Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure, but will serve to confirm the results of the lab tests and will ensure that cars deliver low pollutant emissions on the road.

Who runs the RDE tests?

Tests are usually conducted in house or at a certified facility and witnessed by an approval authority.

What is the procedure for running the tests?

Cars are fitted with Portable Emission Measuring Systems that provide complete real-time monitoring of the key pollutants emitted by the vehicle.

What type of environments are the vehicles tested in?

Vehicles are driven over a wide range of different conditions. Conditions include low and high altitudes, year-round temperatures, additional vehicle payload, up and down hill driving, urban roads, rural roads and motorways.

When will RDE be implemented?

The RDE test will be implemented in September 2017 for new types of cars and will apply for all registrations from September 2019.

What is TA Code?

Type Approval Code, given to identify the legal level of emission compliance.

What is Propulsion Type?

Method of Engine Propulsion.

What is Config of Cyl. Block?

Shape of the cylinder block (eg in-line, ā€˜Vā€™)

What is Aspirat charger?

Describes how the engine is supplied with intake air.

What is EGR type?

Describes the method of injecting exhaust gases back in to the engine for pollution control purposes.

What is PMRH?

PMRH refers to high power to mass ratio.

What is PMRL?

PMRL refers to low power to mass ratio.

What is Ts test share?

This means the test results are shared with the technical service responsible for approval.

What is Deviation of max eng volume?

This means by how much each engine differs in terms of engine volume within a particular family.

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Real-world driving emissions (RDE) test results, as determined in accordance with regulation EC 2017/1151 (as subsequently corrected and amended) can be accessed, free of charge, at:

The RDE monitoring data, collected in accordance with regulation EC 692/2008 (as subsequently amended) can be accessed using the search tool above.

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