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Jaguar brake pads offer durability and efficiency. Our rigorous testing ensures greater braking performance and a more refined driving experience, with every braking system designed to work in harmony with you and your Jaguar. And when it comes to choosing the right brakes, your local Jaguar Retailer will help you select the option that works best for you.


Jaguar made a significant contribution to the development of the disc brake, one of the greatest innovations in automotive braking. In 1953 we were the first manufacturer to use disc brakes at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, a major factor in Jaguar finishing first and second. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries and delivering the very best in braking performance.


To ensure optimum performance, our modern braking systems undergo thousands of hours of testing, including:

• Computer-simulated testing
• Real-world testing in the intense heat of the Middle East and the cold wilderness of Scandinavia
• Repetitive high speed braking cycles for the consistent braking performance
• Enthusiastic driver stability testing on the Nürburgring racetrack

CERAMIC BRAKE PADS Ceramic brake pads are the latest advancement in Jaguar’s cutting edge brake design. Using high performance polymer fibres and fine ceramic materials these brake pads are engineered to improve braking performance in several key areas:

• improve brake refinement
• generate friction with minimal disc wear
• enhance the life of the brake pad and brake disc
• minimise the brake dust on the wheel
• deliver a clean, quiet and all-round reliable performance

As well as being fitted to many current Jaguar models as standard, these pads have now been made available on a number of older, non-production vehicles, giving existing customers the opportunity to benefit from this latest innovation in braking technology.

For further information about the availability of these pads on your vehicle, please contact your local retailer.
Made from steel fibres blended with the braking compound, our hardwearing metallic brake pads guarantee strong stopping power. They deliver sustained, consistent braking feel and inspire confidence during heavy use.

The look, feel and sheer distinction that embodies Jaguar Classic models can now be enhanced with Jaguar’s breakthrough ceramic brake pad technology. This can significantly extend the life of your brake pads & brake discs and lower maintenance costs.

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